Hurricane Harvey Levels 40,000 Homes Hurricane Harvey Levels 40,000 Homes
On September 4, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Levels 40,000 Homes

The Harris County Sherriff’s Office advised people to “hang a towel or sheet prominently” for rescuers to see them. According to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, 911 calls are coming in at about 40 an hour, yet the Coast Guard is receiving 1000 calls for rescue an hour.

Director of Texas’ Harris County Office of Homeland Security, Ed Emmet estimates that the total number of homes destroyed is close to 40,000.

For residents of Beaumont and Port Arthur, the choice was not easy. While Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman urged residents to get to higher ground, many feared the traffic congestion that plagued Hurricane Rita. Freeman pleaded, “Please try to get to higher ground if you can but please try to stay out of attics.”

After 26 inches of rain, Port Arthur was completely underwater. While FEMA raced to move displaced flood survivors into hotels and shelter, other shelters are being evacuated. In total, the National Guard has evacuated 26,000 people, while FEMA has placed 1,800 people in hotels.

Yet an undetermined number of people remain missing, and Texas Governor Greg Abbot warned the worst is not over.

All of the state’s 24,000 National Guard troops have been deployed and will be a critical component to restoring order.

Just what that order will be remains to be seen, however, one thing is for sure. For many Texas residents, their homes will have to be completely replaced, and that may take some time – especially because Federal Flood Insurance doesn’t kick in for 30 days.


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