Got a Commercial Roof? Five Things You Need To Know Got a Commercial Roof? Five Things You Need To Know
On October 24, 2017

Got a Commercial Roof? Five Things You Need To Know

Commercial roofs are different from residential roofs in many ways, and knowing about typical residential roofing systems won’t help much when it comes to a commercial roof. For one thing, they are often not the same material. Residential roofs are frequently comprised of asphalt shingles, whereas commercial roof materials can be made from rubber, composite, and a variety of roofing systems that are sprayed or coated on.

Here are five other important things you should know about commercial roofs.

Have the right type of roof.

Commercial roofs, because they are much larger than residential roofs, give much less room for error. The bottom line, if you choose the wrong material, or a cheaper roofing solution, you’ll pay for it later. So before you make a decision on your roofing material, explore all your options, and make sure you know the pros and cons of each one. In the long run, it’s much better to choose durability and reliability over price any day.

Hire an expert.

Here again, it pays to spend a little more and get an expert opinion. Even if it is simply a leak, or what you consider a small repair, never allow an inexperienced person to fix your roof. Small problems can quickly become larger ones when they are not fixed properly, or the real cause is not addressed. When this happens, not just does it cost you more, but it also costs your business. So before you hire anyone, make sure they are licensed and have experience with your type of commercial roof.

Maintain your roof.

More often than not, nothing can be more costly than failing to maintain your roof. Not performing regular inspections will mean that you will miss signs of damage, repairs that need to be addressed, and future problems down the road. And to really do this right, you’ll need to hire a contractor to check the condition of your vents, skylights, chimneys and gutters – addressing anything that shows signs of wear.

Listen to your contractor.

Roofing contractors are trained professionals and specialize in identifying roofing issues before they become more serious. So take their advice seriously. If they say something needs fixing, have it done immediately and don’t wait for it to become a larger problem later. And if they tell you that you need a new roof, listen to that advice too. Trying to repair an already old and worn roof, is like throwing good money after bad, and will only keep you spending money on repairs when what you really need is a new roof.

Take roofing inspections seriously.

Don’t forego roofing inspections, and don’t hire just anyone to perform them. Find a roofing contractor that specializes in your type of roof and have them inspect your roof on a regular basis. If a storm is looming, or it’s storm season, have your roof inspected before the storm hits. Lastly, as mentioned above, do what it takes to keep your commercial roofing system in top notch condition. Doing this will not only keep your roof in great shape, but prevent problems down the road.


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