Life After Disaster: Three Things Public Adjusters Want You To Know Life After Disaster: Three Things Public Adjusters Want You To Know
On October 9, 2017

Life After Disaster: Three Things Public Adjusters Want You To Know

After the initial shock, devastation, and reaction to a natural disaster, there is life after the disaster. For many people, that means recovering their losses, repairing their homes – sometimes even finding new ones – and putting their lives back together.

The process can be long, arduous, and exhausting. To make things easier, here are three things public adjusters want you to know: 

Your insurance company is going to minimize your losses. Yes, your insurance company is there to protect you and your assets. But they are also a business. A business that depends on maximizing profits in order to function. That means when you submit a claim, they are going to try to find a way to pay you as little as possible for your losses. When you know this going in, you can employ the help of a public adjuster to get a fair estimate of your damage and help you negotiate with your insurance company to arrive at a fair settlement.

It pays to read your insurance policy. Insurance companies often don’t expect their customers to read, or even understand, their policy. For example, you may know that you have insurance that covers roofing damage due to hail, but unless you read your policy, you may not know that you also have coverage for any additional damage – such as leaking – caused by hail. If you don’t know just what your policy covers and what it doesn’t it’s easy to see how your insurance company can offer you a settlement that doesn’t fully cover what your policy proclaims to cover.

A public adjuster can expedite your claim. Insurance companies have laws that they have to abide by and one of those is paying your claim within a specified amount of time. However, most people don’t realize this, and especially in the case of natural disasters, get stuck in a seemingly never ending turnstile where receiving anything for their claim can take weeks and even months. A public adjuster, on the other hand, is familiar with the laws insurance companies must abide by – even in the case of natural disasters – and more importantly, how to make sure your insurance company pays your claim when they are obligated to.

For many people, recouping after a natural disaster can often feel harder than coping with the disaster itself. However, with the help of a public adjuster, the process can be made a little easier.


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    Life after disaster become very hard because you have to repair everything and most important is your home.

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