On January 10, 2018

Thinking of Moving to Dallas? Here are Three Reasons You Should

Dallas has been called a thriving metropolitan area with access to arts, entertainment, sporting events, and a growing economy. For that reason, many people have already relocated to Dallas, making it the U.S. News 15th best place to live.

So if you are thinking of moving to Dallas, here are three reasons you should:


  1. Booming Business Economy. Many big names, such as FedEx, 7-Eleven, Liberty Mutual, and Toyota have relocated their headquarters in Dallas. Coupled with the brand new Dallas Cowboys practice facility, the result is plentiful business opportunities and a robust employment market.


  1. Great Schools. According to the University Interscholastic League, there are more schools per capita in Dallas than any other area in the United States, meaning that parents have a wide range of high quality schools from smaller private versions, to the large scale, more broad based ones to choose from.


  1. The Climate. It’s true Texas can be hot, but it has been said that the Dallas area has four seasons – even if they all occur in the same week. What the climate does lend itself too is a wide range of outdoor activities year round from fishing to trail running and hiking.


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