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Whether you’re in Dallas or the surrounding areas, we begin with a free inspection! One of our roofing specialists will assess your damage, and your insurance coverage. Hail damage is assessed depending on “hits per square”, which indicates how many damaging hail hits can be found in a ten foot by ten foot area of your roof. Wind damage, on the other hand, is determined based on the percentage of shingles that have been affected – wind can either actually rip off a shingle or bend and crease a shingle. After taking a look at your roof damage, your coverage is then assessed to determine the specific requirements to claim hail and wind damage. We will also determine if any related damage – such as that which affects the water shedding capability of your roof – has occurred, as most insurance policies are written such that any additional weather related damage is also covered. While your insurance will determine if it is more cost effective to repair or replace your roof, depending on the specific coverage of your insurance policy, you are likely eligible to receive a full roof replacement if you have been hit by hail or excessive wind. Learn more by watching our Insurance Claim Process video.

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