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With any job, it depends on a number of factors.  The size of the roof, the style of materials used, and the different pitches. However, you will never be caught with your roof opened up for a week like some other companies. We complete most roofing work in a day. Patio covers usually a half day and 2 days for a complete siding job. Your trusted roofing consultant will be able to answer these questions for you during your free estimate & evaluation.
Unfortunately, ASAP ROOFING, a national roofing company with offices in Aurora, Co., Indianapolis, In., and Dallas, Tx, has seen this situation all too many times. The homeowner is usually unprepared to come up with the difference between what it will cost to restore their roof fully, and what the insurance company is offering to pay. But this is also where ASAP comes in. As a roofing company that specializes in the highest customer service in the industry — as evidenced by a consistent A rating with the Better Business Bureau –ASAP knows that not only is the insurance estimate sheet only an estimate, but also that their customers deserve to get 100% of the homeowners insurance coverage. Read More >> 
While a roof leak in Aurora,Co is easy to notice after the fact, very few people think about what actually needs to be done to prevent a roof leak. As ASAP ROOFING, a national roofing company with offices in Aurora, Co., Dallas, Tx., Indianapolis, In., and Atalanta, Ga., is always interested in helping customers avoid the unfortunate experience of discovering a roof leak while also experiencing harsh weather, they share these top five ways to prevent a roof leak form happening in the first place.  Read More >>
Never one to miss the latest technology, ASAP ROOFING, a national roofing company, has recognized the importance of protecting customer’s roofs in the best way possible. Often while what customers see is the external asphalt shingles as their home’s protection, what is just as important is what goes under the shingles themselves.  Read More >>