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The Insurance Process

We will work with you to make sure that you get everything completed that was damaged from the storm. We will make sure that your project is completed with only the BEST products available and recommended for your home even when your insurance company doesn’t want to pay for it! We have adjusters on staff to minimize your claim and help their bottom line. We will make sure that all damage is identified to your insurance company. ASAP Roofing has an entire division dedicated to insurance restoration. We handle both Residential and Commercial restoration projects. Most common projects include Hail, Wind and Hurricane damage, Flooding and Fire.


Choosing a roofing company can be a challenge – especially after a storm. There are hundreds of roofing companies out there – all promising something different. And then there is dealing with your insurance company, which might even deny any roofing damage at all. ASAP aims to make the process simple. We, after all, are in the business of making customers happy. Here is our process:

An ASAP Roofing professional inspects your home. We will do a comprehensive inspection and take detailed notes and pictures of all damages to your home. Some of the things we look for are obvious, like roof and siding damage. Other things, like your air conditioner fins and window bead strips, are less noticeable and often overlooked. To ensure that our inspection is comprehensive, we even look for damage to exterior lighting, pool decks, BBQ grills, lawn furniture, landscaping, flower beds and trees. All of the items on and around your home should be restored to pre storm condition – this is a process we specialize in.

We meet with your insurance adjuster: We employ full time employees whose job is to make sure your insurance company is giving you everything you deserve. These employees are proficient in all current local building codes so that nothing gets overlooked. While this might mean your insurance company will have to add gutters, or “re-deck” (replace all the plywood on your roof) to comply with local building codes, our job is to make sure you get everything you are entitled to!

We gain approval from your insurance: Once your job is approved a check and “Loss Sheet” will be issued to you. This is your estimate, and even if it’s substantially under retail (as most insurance companies are), we will try to charge you more than your insurance company is going to pay. We will also help you through getting endorsement from your mortgage company (if applicable) and pull all state and local permits that may be required.

We commence work on your home: Our highly experienced crews begin the restoration work. We make sure that the project is completed in a timely manner. This means most roofing work is completed in one day. Patio covers are typically completed in a half day.


We are with you every step of the way – from roof inspection, insurance approval, to job completion. We specialize in ensuring that you receive all you are covered for, and that the job exceeds industry standard. And if you are not satisfied, we aren’t either. That’s why we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the process before, during, and after our work is complete. That’s also why we have so many customers who return to us, even years later.


Assessing hail damage is often accomplished by a roof inspection, which usually occurs several days to several months after the hail event.

– Denting on a roof vent cap

– Deformation to condensing unit fins on an air conditioning system,

This damage does impair operation of the unit, in that air flow through the coils is reduced, causing higher refrigerant temperature, lost performance and lost reliability.

– Shows shredded and pock-marked paint. The base wood may be undamaged but repainting may still be required.

– impacts have caused severe splits, the shingle life has been adversely affected.

– shows impact damage to siding.

– severe wood splitting, significant granule loss, penetration of the shingle and fracture may require shingle replacement.

Wind damage can come in many forms – hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, or simply from gusty conditions – and often without warning. Strong wind gusts can cause severe damage to homes and businesses in an instant, leaving you with potentially costly repairs and months of cleanup. We place a premium on getting your home secured, your insurance paperwork submitted and your home repaired quickly and with as little hassle to you as possible.

Structural Repairs – if your home or business has sustained structural damage as a result of high winds, blowing debris or falling trees, we offer comprehensive structural repair services to get your home back to like-new conditions as soon as possible.

Window Board-Up – windows are a common casualty during severe wind storms. Window damage from severe winds can occur from the sheer force of the wind or, more commonly, from blowing debris. In the event that you experience window damage, we offer window board-up services designed to keep your home safe and secure until repairs can be made.

Roof Tarping – if a severe wind storm has damaged your roof, our roof tarping

As if a fire itself is not destructive enough, its repercussions do not stop once the firefighters extinguish the blaze. Highly acidic smoke and soot caused by the burning of common household synthetics, combined with water from the firemen’s hose, makes possessions unsalvageable within just a few days. Rapid response to fire damage is necessary to repair and restore your home or business.

We provide fire damage restoration and repair to your home or business from the ground up while remaining receptive and sensitive to your needs during such a devastating event.

If you’ve had flood or water damage to your home or office’s carpet or wood or laminate flooring, give us a call as soon as you can – with our emergency hotline, we’re available anytime of the day or night. Our carpet experts will come right out to assess the damage and then get right to work on drying the area with our state of the art equipment.
Insurance companies are notorious for not handling claims fairly, especially when it comes to claims for damages caused by a hurricane. Insurers lose a great deal of money when a hurricane hits since this is the time they have to pay out claims in large numbers. This makes insurer representatives very cunning when claim time strikes, and they systematically try their best to pay as little as possible.
Snow Damage creates different issues depending where the snow has landed. Snow covered roofs are usually the first concern of most property owners. Many homeowners in snow effected areas have slanted or pitched roofs that create a difficult platform for snow to land on. But when roof surfaces are cold enough, snow will land on roofs creating water damage situations.

The weight of the snow especially if it’s heavy snow can create structural issues. Many roofs have caved in due to excessive snow. Trees themselves can hold only so much snow until the tree falls on a roof. Many homeowners have walked into their homes to see branches of trees in their living rooms.

In the winter there are sometimes drastic changes in the temperature going from below freezing to above freezing temperatures. This creates snow to melt into the colder eaves and gutters that creates ice. Over a few days the ice builds up and creates what is called ice damming. These “dams” prevent water to flow through the gutters or off the roof. The water has no place to go but into the house or building.